Clinical Laboratory Personnel FAQs

Clinical Laboratory Personnel FAQs

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Where can I find information discussed at the last board meeting?

Minutes and audio from board meeting can be located on the Past Meetings page.

If I do not have a state license when am I eligible to work in Florida?

When your application and all supporting documents have been received by the board office, you may request a temporary license. Not all applicants are eligible to receive a temporary license.  If you have taken a national exam you will be deemed ineligible to receive a temporary license.

How do I update my address?

You may update your address using our Online Services.

If I upgrade my license do I still need to renew?

Yes.  If you do not renew your current license it will expire.  A license upgrade is not considered a renewal.

When do I need to renew my license?

By August 31st even years.

What are the specific technical areas in which I may apply for licensure?

The categories are: Microbiology, Serology/Immunology, Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Immunohematology, Histology, Cytology, Cytogenetics, Blood Banking/Immunohematology, Histocompatibility, Molecular Genetics, Andrology and Embryology.

Why do I need to resubmit transcripts to upgrade my license?

Documents previously submitted may not be available or are not legible.

How long does the temporary license last?

Typically a temporary license will be issued for 6-8 weeks. Failure to appear for a national examination or failure of the examination voids the temporary license.

How long will it take to process my application?

Your application will be processed within 30 days of receipt.  You will be notified by mail or email of any deficiencies to your application

How do I add a specialty area to my current license?

You must submit a new application, fee and supporting documents.

Where can I go to receive training for this profession?

You will need to contact NAACLS to determine approved programs.